Seattle Grunge - Music with Passion

Flannel Sasquatch was formed in 2021 by founding member Brian Palidar with a vision to pay tribute to Seattle's unique grunge scene.  Chris Cappello holds down the lead guitar duties keeping things lively.  While Mark Peterson on bass and Jared McElwee on drums round out a solid rhythm section keeping the groove tight.  Geoff Nelson and Jessica Zandor keep the crowd amped up with their powerhouse vocals.

Brian was a member of the UW Marching Band playing trumpet and cheering on the Huskies, so embracing the Seattle music scene has always been a natural fit for him.

Mark has played bass guitar, since high school which he picked up after setting down the baritone.  His bass clef deep grooves keep the music moving and alive.

Jared is a top-notch drummer who has sat in with the Seattle orchestra and many bands over the years perfecting his craft and keeping the beat for the band.  Jared studied music in college, and it shows in his steady and confident beats.

Chris, a California-born shredder, living the 90s dream. Catch him channeling inner grunge heroes and bringing the raw energy of the era back to life, one soaring solo at a time on lead guitar.

Geoff is our front man and is a singer-guitarist from Edmonds.  A fan of classic rock, punk and grunge.  He enjoys teaching his kids the joys of rocking out to artists like Queen, Nirvana, the Pixies, and Soundgarden.

Jessica is a recent transplant from Chicago.  She learned how to sing and play the keys from her Grandma Babe as a child and enjoys sharing her love of music with her family and friends.  Jess loves to perform and brings that energy on-stage to every performance.

Flannel Sasquatch is based out of Bellevue, Washington.